SSuite Accel Spreadsheet


A powerful spreadsheet creator that's completely free and open source


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Ssuite Accel Spreadsheet is a comprehensive spreadsheet app that comes with all the tools necessary for completing any type of calculation or function. It also includes an integrated support system to help you with those complicated formulas that are hard to memorize. This program includes everything the bigger companies offer with the difference being that it's completely free.

You can create statistical reports, manually generate charts in 2D and 3D or let SSuite Accel Spreadsheet suggest which chart type is best for the type of information you want to present, or manage any database thanks to its ODBC connection system through SQL. It also includes a useful feature that shows recent document history, letting you access any file quickly and easily.

Take a break from supporting the big companies' monopolies to support the independent developers and do your work better with SSuite Accel Spreadsheet.
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